Grades 6-8: Advancing on Becoming More Independent

In middle school, students are first learning to think independently, discover their passions, and sort out the person they want to become in society. Their electives open up to allow for this growth at such an important time in their education.

Middle School Student
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The Home Mentor’s Role

As your student matures, so lessens the hands-on responsibilities of the home mentor in order to prepare the student to begin to take ownership of his/her education and development. The home mentor may spend just a few hours daily overseeing the students’ learning at this stage. Your time is spent:

  • Assisting with challenging concepts

  • Checking progress is made in lessons and assignments

  • Communicating with teachers and the RVA as needed



The Curriculum at this Stage

In the middle school stage, students begin to fine tune their language, math and critical thinking skills. They are now taking a deeper dive into science, history and social studies. They will be spending 50-70% of their time on interactive online coursework at this point. Their elective choices broaden to allow the student to focus on new subjects. They can also explore their individuality through online and offline social groups and clubs.


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Our Teachers Role in Middle School

With your student beginning to get a more refined curriculum, the teachers also become more subject specific. The student becomes acclimated to having multiple teachers throughout a day and the teachers pass on their passion for the individual subjects they teach. The teachers have a deeper knowledge of the cores and are available to help on a one-on-one basis if your student gets stuck.