Grades 9-12: Advancing on their Path to a Limitless Future

By high school, we have prepared your student to strive for their heart’s desire. This is the time to set goals and start achieving. While still participating in the standard fundamentals like language arts, math, history and science, the elective choices become wonderfully diverse and preparation for college entrance or technical vocation become paramount.

High School Virtual Student
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The Home Mentor’s Role

The home mentor’s role at this stage is really focused on encouraging their student to set goals and to independently work towards achieving them. At this stage a home mentor may spend up to 30 minutes a day with:

  • Encouraging personal goal setting

  • Checking progress is made in lessons and assignments

  • Communicating with teachers and the RVA as needed



The Curriculum at this Stage

While a good curriculum always focuses on the core competencies like English, math, history and science; the student is now free to study subjects in depth that they have developed an interest in, or hopefully, a passion for. The classes are now about 80-90% online and/or virtual. They may begin studying for college entrance exams, take AP level courses and in some cases, save money while getting a jump-start on their future by earning college credit!


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Our High School Teachers Role

Our subject specific teachers work with the students to develop a learning plan that is in line with the students’ goals and interests while still maintaining the requirements for graduation. The teachers are encouraging exploration, critical thinking, reasoning, social consciousness and problem solving.